Saturday, February 17, 2007

紅日 - red day

music: tachikawa toshiyuki
lyrics: hacken lee
arranged: kenneth fong
碟: 紅日
album: red day

even if life is crazy
and the road is twisted and winding
if life terrifies you and you no longer feel like living
別流淚 心酸 更不應捨棄
please don't cry, or feel disheartened, don't give up
我願能 一生永遠陪伴你
I will be by your side forever

一生之中兜兜轉轉 那會看清楚
with the twists and turns of life, how can one see clearly?
I have tried to make it on my own without help
在某年 那幼小的我
in those years, when I was young
I fell so many times, with the tears keeping me company through the rainy nights
the path of life so twisted and winding, I have walked it
when did you start to accompany me on this path, giving me encouragement?
像紅日之火 燃點真的我
like the red sun, this fire lights up the real me
結伴行 千山也定能踏過
walking together, we can climb a thousand mountains

讓晚風 輕輕吹過
watching the night wind lightly blowing past
bringing with it the fragrant scent of flowers, as if bestowing its wishes on us
讓晚星 輕輕閃過
watching the night stars shooting by
閃出你每個希冀如浪花 快要沾濕我
revealing your every wish like waves about to fall on me


Anonymous said...

Great blog you have there, this goes to my faves ^-^ Keep the good work!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME ! this song gives me the power to get back on my feet when i'm down, and i send it to my love ones when they're down, cause it truely describe what my heart have to say .

La Vie est Belle said...

appreciate all the work you've put into having this blog! nice avenue to look for the english meaning of old songs